Polka Dot Plant 'Hypoestes'

Polka Dot Plant 'Hypoestes'

Polka Dot Plant 'Hypoestes'

Polka Dot Plant 'Hypoestes,' are bright and colorful plants that add nice color to any tabletop, window sil, or terrarium. Shop all Hypoestes.


  • Bright to moderate indirect light
  • Brighter light helps maintain pretty color and variegation 


  • Let soil dry slightly between waterings
  • Plant will wilt when thirsty but do not allow the plant to fully wilt
  • Does not like sitting in wet soil


  • Humidity is not necessary for survival but it is beneficial 

Soil Type: 

  • High organic matter, moisture retaining soil 
  • Still needs to be well draining, so include some perlite 

Toxicity Level: 

  • Non-toxic to animals, but if consumed can cause an upset digestive system

Additional Information:

  • Can get leggy quickly; prune longer stems to maintain a bushy appearance 
  • Stem cuttings can be rooted and propagated 
  • Heavy feeders - benefits from monthly fertilizing during the spring and summer 
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