My dad once asked me, “why pride” about being queer?

For me it’s because pride is the antidote and antithesis of shame. There are so many ways attempts are made to make us feel shame or ashamed or fearful of who we are. Pride to me means loving my full self.

I am so PROUD of what this beautiful place is becoming and of the way we have owned and stepped into doing the hard work of creating a radically inclusive space.

Being an openly queer business, stating that I’m a queer Latina-immigrant, are all parts of me that at one time or another or all at once, have caused others to see me as different, to discriminate against or limit my access to opportunities. And yet. Here I am, and here we are. Not because of bootstraps, but because of community, and holding on to hope over fear.

It’s been a journey to get to this place, and I take nothing for granted. Carving out a space for myself and my business has been a radical act in many ways. If you are just meeting us, swipe for part of our story. 

Happy Pride Month family! Stay tuned for more🌈 💕-María

Our Story