Our Story

Hi Plant Friends,

My name is María and I am the designer & former Community Organizer behind this little plant paradise. Paraíso Plant Studio is a small, family-run business that was born out of hope during an incredibly hard time in our lives.

 For us, this business is a symbol of what is possible when we push through our desperation, hold on to hope, and find perseverance. In this time when there is so much more to overcome as a society, we are grounded by the courage and perseverance we see in our communities by those on the front lines and those protesting racial injustice, and by our hope for a future better than this. It's the same hope my parents had when they migrated to this country from México, and the same hope my grandfather had when he fled Kentucky to survive the Great Depression.

In this time of great division, let us be united by our love of plants and nature, and our hope and shared desire for a better future.

- María Blum-Sullivan

Owner, Paraíso Plant Studio

A little plant paradise for plant people and plant killers alike.

Paraíso Plant Studio is a place where people can learn about and buy indoor plants, get help plantscaping their spaces, and find unique plants and one-of-a-kind plant art to add magic to their spaces. Bringing plants into our homes is therapeutic, helps contribute to a healthy home environment, and connects us better with the natural world around us. We love plants, and wether you are a long-time plant enthusiast or a new plant parent, we can't wait to share our love of plants and this beautiful place we've created with you.