Our Story

Paraíso Plant Studio is a little plant paradise for planty people and plant killers alike

It's a place where people can learn about and buy indoor plants, get help plantscaping their spaces, and find unique plants and one-of-a-kind plant art to add magic to their spaces. Bringing plants into our homes is therapeutic, helps contribute to a healthy home environment, and connects us better with the natural world around us. We take special care and use organic pest prevention to make sure our plants arrive to you healthy and lush. Our home decor goods are ethically sourced, fair trade, or US made.

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Hi Plant Friends,

I'm María, the owner of Paraíso Plant Studio. I have a Fine Arts background in Interior Design and am also a former Community Organizer. I'm really excited to bring you the life-affirming, therapeutic power of plants through this business I built from the ground up. I was raised in the Bay Area, and am grateful to be able to contribute to it's vibrance in a conscious, inclusionary, and community-oriented way.