Our Story

Paraíso is a project born out of hope.

As I imagine what the ruins of our modern world would look like as our climate changes and how plants and animals might one day repurpose our most prized possessions, I find hope in the idea that in some distant future nature may restore itself, wether humans are around to see it or not. From that hope comes the desire to create beauty and shed light on the fragility of our life on Earth. Bringing plants into our homes is therapeutic, helps contribute to a healthy home environment, and connects us better with the natural world around us. Our plants are the healthiest and happiest and our home decor goods are ethically sourced, fair trade, or US made. 

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The quiet magic of a secret garden, of ivy-clad ruins, a mossy forest staircase, and the sound of raindrops on leaves.

I want this feeling all around me. I design and create each piece to share this bit of magic with you through the therapeutic, life affirming power of plants, and old artifacts with stories to share. -María Blum-Sullivan, Creator, Plant Chandeliers & Paraíso Plant Studio


María Blum-Sullivan is a Mexican, German-American designer and artist in the Bay Area, CA. She is a mother, former community organizer, and has a fine arts background in Interior Design.

Our Plant Chandeliers are made from beautiful vintage or antique lighting with living plants.

Sold in store only, each piece is unique and the product of hours of work. We take on special projects and commissions if you have an existing chandelier or style you’d like us to work with, special events, and to find plants that suit your home environment including humidity and lighting.