Pilea are architectural plants that are interesting and easy to care for.

Chinese Money Plant, Aluminum Plant, Moon Valley


  • Very bright, but indirect light
  • Direct sun can burn leaves


  • Allow soil to dry out 50% between waterings
  • Stores a lot of water in the leaves, so it does not like to be over-watered
  • Water roughly every 10 days 
  • For Moon Valley variety, keep soil semi-moist, watering once a week


  • Humidity is not necessary for survival but is beneficial

Soil Type: 

  • A light, well draining soil with perlite 

Toxicity Level: 

  • Non-toxic to animals, although consumption may cause an upset digestive system

Additional Information:

  • Glossy leaves tend to collect dust - wipe with a wet microfiber cloth or soft duster monthly 
  • Stems tend to reach for light, so rotating a couple times a month helps ensure even growth
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