Hoya Care

Hoya Care

Hoya Care

Hoya are very special plants that have whole collector communities dedicated to them. They are a diverse family of plants that flower and change color in different lighting conditions.

Popular varieties include: Krimson Queen, Publicalyx, Krimson Princess, Linearis, shop all Hoya


  • Needs very bright, indirect light 
  • Yellow spotting on leaves can be burn caused by direct sun
  • Grow well under soft grow-lights


  • Let soil dry 50% between waterings 
  • Does not like sitting in wet soil


  • Humidity is not necessary but is beneficial 
  • Will grow more rapidly when the humidity is higher than 60 percent

Soil Type: 

  • Requires fast draining but rich soil (used to living epiphytically in spaces rich in plant debris)
  • Succulent mix with orchid mix and worm castings 

Toxicity Level: 

  • Not toxic, but will make animals throw up if consumed

Additional Information:

  • Hoyas like to be root bound so don’t be so quick to repot
  • Cut back water during winter
  • Withholding water for 4-5 weeks in spring is customary and will help in flowering)
  • Preferers temperatures above 65
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