Ant Plant 'Hydnophytum' care

Ant Plant 'Hydnophytum' care

Ant Plant 'Hydnophytum' care

Ant Plants are beautiful, interesting plants that add a beautiful texture to your collection. They thrive in high humidity and have incredibly interesting foliage.

Popular varieties: Monolena, Hydnophytum, shop all Ant Plants  


  • Grows best in bright indirect light
  • Tolerates some medium light conditions 


  • Let top of soil dry between waterings, but likes semi-moist conditions
  • Stores water in caudex 
  • Susceptible to rot 


  • Humidity is prefered 

Soil Type: 

  • Epiphytic; needs soil that offers proper drainage that doesn’t allow for water to collect
  • Orchid mixture is best (fine fir bark & perlite and worm casting)

Toxicity Level: 

  • Toxic to animals 

Additional Information:

  • Cut back watering routine during winter months
  • Prefers warm conditions above 60 degrees 
  • Small bead-like secretions are a normal function of the plant and sign of health
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