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Aralia Care

Aralia Care

Aralia Care

Aralia are beautiful houseplants that often emote the look of a tiny forest or bonsai. They can be beautiful additions to a desk and can also grow large as floor plants.

Popular varieties: Fabian Aralia Tree, Ming Aralia Tree, shop all Aralia


  • Prefers moderate to bright, indirect light; avoid direct sunlight 


  • Likes to dry out 2in down in between watering
  • Roughly every 10-14 days 


  • Prefers moderate to high humidity, but can adapt to low humidity

Soil Type: 

  • Prefers well draining, rich soil 
  • Rich potting mix with lots of perlite

Toxicity Level: 

  • Toxic to animals 

Additional Information:

  • They store water in their truck, so be careful not to overwater
  • Leaf dropping can be a sign of overwatering
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