Anthurium Care

Anthurium Care

Anthurium Care

Flowering Anthuriums make great gifts, and are generally easy to care for.

Note: There are many different varieties of Anthuriums and care can vary widely by type. These care directions are for Anthuriums cultivated for "flowers" as pictured. Though care for other anthuriums is similar, other varieties, including rare anthuriums, can be more sensitive to low humidity and light conditions and can benefit greatly from humidifiers or grow domes and lights. 


  • Can tolerate medium light conditions, but will flower more in bright, indirect light 


  • Substrate can dry out halfway between watering
  • Does not like soggy conditions


  • Prefers high humidity, but also lives well in average household humidity
  • Light misting or humidifiers are beneficial, especially for rare or very large anthurium

Soil Type: 

  • Since it is an epiphyte, it prefers a light, airy, well draining mix
  • 25%  peat moss, 25% coco coir,  50% orchid mix 

Toxicity Level: 

  • Toxic to animals 

Additional Information:

  • Prone to root rot if left sitting in soggy substrate 
  • Longest lasting houseplant flower; one flower can last for several weeks or months

Popular Varieties: Black, Magenta, Red, Pink, Shop all Anthurium

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