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Tradescantia are some of the most beautiful and colorful hanging plants. They form large trailing bushes that are colorful and bright. 

Popular varieties include: Zebrina, Nanouk, Rainbow, Deep Purple, shop all Tradescantia


  • Bright, indirect light to some direct sun (only for a couple hours)
  • White and colored varieties will lose variegation if the light is too low 


  • Let soil dry 2 inches between waterings, never overwater this plant
  • Can tolerate a forgetful waterer, but it prefers consistent watering
  • Yellowing leaves can indicate overwatering 


  • Average household humidity is fine

Soil Type: 

  • Indoor potting mix with perlite and worm castings will suffice

Toxicity Level: 

  • Toxic to animals

Additional Information:

  • Can be grown as long vines, or you can pinch the new growth at the end of stems to encourage branching and fuller growth
  • “Ghost Leaves”, or all white leaves, may not last very long, so don’t worry if they die off
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