Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm

Kentia Palms are great houseplants. They can tolerate moderate-bright light conditions and are easy to care for. They also form large canopies and thick beautiful trunks over time. 

Sizes: 2gal, 10in, 12in, 10gal


  • Does best in moderate to bright, indirect light 
  • In medium light conditions they won’t grow as quickly 
  • Direct sun will burn the leaves 


  • Fairly drought tolerant, but do not like to stay super dry for too long 
  • Water when top couple inches of soil feels fully dry, about every 10 days  


  • Average household humidity is fine

Soil Type: 

  • Can grow in a variety of substrates
  • Does best in a well draining sandy indoor mix 

Toxicity Level: 

  • Non-toxic to animals 

Additional Information:

  • A forgiving palm species; good for people who do not have sun space or tropical conditions for other palm varieties 
  • Can collect dust, so a monthly wipe down is beneficial 
  • Prone to potassium and manganese deficiency (identified by necrosis on tips of older leaves
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