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Heart Leaf Philodendron 'hederaceum'

Heart Leaf Philodendron 'hederaceum'

Heart Leaf Philodendron 'hederaceum'

Heart Leaf Philodendron 'hederaceum', often called Philodendron Cordatum, are easy to care for and beautifully vining or climbing plants. 

Popular Varieties include: CordatumBrasil, Neon, Micans 


  • Requires bright to moderate, indirect light 
  • No harsh direct sun


  • Allow top 1-2 inches of soil to dry in between waterings 
  • Can tolerate the forgetful waterer
  • Water every 10-14 days depending on humidity and temperature 
  • Yellowing leaves indicates over-watering or lack of light


  • Humidity is beneficial - mist daily for best results

Soil Type: 

  • A well aerated soil is best - indoor mix with perlite and bark will do
  • Must be well draining 

Toxicity Level: 

  • Toxic to animals and people 
  • Avoid getting plant sap on skin as it may cause irritation

Additional Information:

  • If you notice longer vines between leaves, it is stretching for light - move closer to a light source
  • Can tolerate being rootbound for a time; only needs to be repotted every couple years
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