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Dieffenbachia Care

Dieffenbachia Care

Dieffenbachia Care

Dieffenbachia are easy plants to care for that can tolerate a wide range of conditions from moderate to bright light. They are leafy, have interesting foliage, and can grow to be large floor plants over time.

Types: Tiki, Tropic Snow, Camouflageshop all Dieffenbachia


  • Prefers very bright, indirect light; darker leafed varieties can tolerate more moderate light


  • Let soil dry out 50% between waterings (about every 10-14 days)
  • Prone to root rot, so be careful not to overwater (yellowing leaves is a good indicator of overwatering) 


  • Prefers high humidity but can adapt well to average household humidity

Soil Type: 

  • Prefers well draining, rich soil 
  • 1-1-1 indoor soil, peat moss or coco coir, and perlite 

Toxicity Level: 

  • Toxic to animals and children

Additional Information:

  • Rotate the dieffenbachia houseplant regularly to provide adequate light to all sides of the plant and prevent it from reaching toward the light on one side
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