Terrarium Kit 8oz Forest


Pair this kit with beautiful glass containers
Includes: Mossy Fir Bark, Sheet Moss, Forest Moss, Grass Green Spanish Moss, Decorative Stones, and Natural Branched Lichen
Add plants and found items such as shells, twigs, special stones, etc.

8 oz. boxed kit
265 cu. in. -- Enough for a 10"" to 12"" terrarium


    Plant Health: At Paraíso we go above and beyond to ensure our plants are healthy and ready to thrive indoors. We hand-spray every surface of each plant with organic cold-pressed Neem Oil. Neem is an organic horticultural oil that is a highly effective pest control and preventative. It's safe for humans and bees, and helps to ensure your plant's long-term health. 

    We strive for our plants to be the healthiest and most lush around because we care deeply about plant health.