- Single Watering Stake - Bottle Not Included

The Never-Dry Plant Pal™ uses a recycled glass bottle filled with water to help control soil hydration. The dry soil conveniently soaks up the water without the fear of over-watering. Great for not-so-green thumbs!


Never-Dry Plant Pal™ - Terracotta Spike Plant Waterer

$18.00 USD

Plant Health: At Paraíso we go above and beyond to ensure our plants are healthy and ready to thrive indoors. We spray every surface of each plant with organic cold-pressed Neem Oil. Neem is an organic horticultural oil that is a highly effective pest control and helps to ensure your plant's long-term health. 

We strive for our plants to be the healthiest and most lush around because we care deeply about plant health.