Peperomia Ripple 'Luna Grey' in a 4in nursery pot.

Light: Bright filtered or indirect light 
Best in bright, filtered or indirect light

Water: Moderate
Let soil dry a couple inches between waterings. Water roughly every 10-14 days. Shallow root system that does not need much water, and the succulent-like leaves store most of their water 

Soil: Well-draining
A well draining mix, potting soil with a perlite mixed in.

Toxicity Level: Not toxic to animals.

Additional Information: They have a very small root system and prefer to be root bound - transplant in either the same sized pot or only an inch bigger

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4in Peperomia Ripple Luna Grey

$18.00 USD
Type: House Plants

Plant Health: At Paraíso we go above and beyond to ensure our plants are healthy and ready to thrive indoors. We spray every surface of each plant with organic cold-pressed Neem Oil. Neem is an organic horticultural oil that is a highly effective pest control and helps to ensure your plant's long-term health. 

We strive for our plants to be the healthiest and most lush around because we care deeply about plant health.