Add a beautiful structure to your plants with our hemp rope circle trellis. Made out of stainless steel with a protective white coating, it is extremely durable and adds a lighter neutral tone to your planter. The hemp rope gives your trellis a more natural look but also simulates branches that plants clings onto in the wild.

Measurements: 10in diameter, 14.5in tall Measurements: 8in diameter, 12.5in tall

8-10in Hemp Circle Trellis

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Plant Health: At Paraíso we go above and beyond to ensure our plants are healthy and ready to thrive indoors. We spray every surface of each plant with organic cold-pressed Neem Oil. Neem is an organic horticultural oil that is a highly effective pest control and helps to ensure your plant's long-term health. 

We strive for our plants to be the healthiest and most lush around because we care deeply about plant health.