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Plant Size Chart

Plant sizes (like 4in Calathea) refer to the diameter of the pot size they are sold in. Our plants are most often available in 2in, 4in, 6in, 8in, and 10in, pot sizes. 

  • 2in plants are seedlings and require extra care because they are in a delicate stage of their life.
  • 4in plants are young plants that are well established, but small in size, depending on the species, they range from 3-8in high. A great budget option, or if you like to raise your plants on your own.
  • 6in plants are young adult plants that are established, mature, and great for a table top centerpiece. Usually 5-12in tall or wide depending on the species.
  • 8in plants are larger, more presence-full plants, great for larger spaces, or to give your home a more jungle vibe. Usually 12in-24in tall
  • 10in - Monstera and Ficus plants usually come in 10in size. A ficus in a 10in pot will usually be like a little tree size from 3-4ft tall. Monstera in this size will be 2-3ft tall and have split leaves at this age.