Snake Plant Care

Snake Plant Care

Snake Plant Care

Snake Plants are great plants for beginners, dim offices or nooks, areas where you want vertical repetition or architectural plants, or if you’re looking for plants with air cleaning properties.

Popular Varieties: Laurentii, Zeylanica, Sayurishop all Snake Plants

Basic Instructions: Place in moderate to low light, and water once every 2-4 weeks or when the soil is completely dry. 

Who should get this plant: A good plant for a forgetful or inconsistent plant waterer or if you travel a lot and need a self-sufficient resilient plant.

In depth care: 

Light: They are known for their ability to grow in very low light and even under office fluorescent lighting, but can also live in moderate or bright indirect light.

Water: Water sparingly, only when the soil is completely dry, like you would a cactus. Overwatering can rot your plant.

Humidity & Temperature: Snake plants do well with very dry air, even if you run the heater a lot of have a temperature controlled office.

Pests: Snake plants are known to be pretty pest resistant, but can become infested when the plant is sick. It’s good practice to spray your plant collection with Neem Oil once per month.

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