Rhapis Palm

Rhapis Palm

Rhapis Palm

Rhapis Palm

Also known as Lady Finger Palm, Lady Palm


  • Bright, but indirect light 
  • Moderate light tolerant 
  • Long exposure to direct sun may burn the leaves


  • Let soil dry a couple inches between waterings 
  • Water roughly every 10-14 days  
  • Yellowing leaves is a sign of overwatering 


  • Humidity is not necessary for survival but is beneficial 
  • Browning tips could be a sign of lack of humidity 

Soil Type: 

  • Requires a well draining soil with either perlite or lava rocks to increase aeration
  • A good cactus blend with a bit of peat moss or coco coir mixed in 

Toxicity Level: 

  • Non-toxic to animals 

Additional Information:

  • Grows best in temperatures between 60-80 degrees 
  • Reduce watering during the winter months
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