Pot 8 - By Colleen Garland


Handmade, one of a kind ceramic pot & saucer by Berkeley artist Colleen Garland.

Color: Painted & Glazed White Clay
Drainage Holes: Yes
Exterior Dimensions: 5.75in Width, 4.75in Height
Interior Diameter: 4.75in

Colleen's studio is here in West Berkeley, a neighborhood that’s historically rich with ceramics: many potters have worked and lived here for the last 50+ years. She also teaches pottery and drawing classes with the Richmond Art Center.

From the artist:
All of my pots are handmade and fired by me in my studio. I throw the pots on the wheel with stoneware clay bodies (and then trim, fire, decorate, glaze and fire again). Each piece takes hours of hands-on work, and the cycle of making and finishing a batch of work typically takes a month. It might seem a little ludicrous to spend so much time on one piece, but the time spent feels worthwhile to me. I work with clay because I love the material and the long, involved process... I enjoy every slow moment of it! I love color and decoration, and lately I’ve been enjoying going big with color in my work. I aim to make work in tension: between serious and playful, considered and spontaneous, structured and loose. I learn more about ceramics every day, and I hope to keep making pots for the rest of my life.

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