10in Banana Plant 'Black Thai'


Musa balbisiana, 'Black Thai' Banana Plant in a 10in pot.

Light: Bright Direct
Needs 12 hours of bright light outdoors or in a west or south facing unobstructed window. 

Water: Moderate
Water when dry down two inches. Overwatering can cause rot.

Toxicity Level: Not toxic to animals 

Soil: Repot to prevent plant from becoming root bound for better growth.

Black Thai Banana is more tolerant of outdoor cold in the Bay Area than other varieties. Protect from frost outdoors. Remove suckers.

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Plant Health: At Paraíso we go above and beyond to ensure our plants are healthy and ready to thrive indoors. We hand-spray every surface of each plant with organic cold-pressed Neem Oil. Neem is an organic horticultural oil that is a highly effective pest control and preventative. It's safe for humans and bees, and helps to ensure your plant's long-term health. 

We strive for our plants to be the healthiest and most lush around because we care deeply about plant health.