A message from Paraíso about Black Lives Matter

This week, as Juneteenth approaches, we are raising funds in memory of all those who died before being freed from slavery in America, for black people who have lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement, and for all those that remain without their freedom through mass incarceration. 100% of the profits from our plant auction will be donated. The funds will be split between National Bail Out (a black-led abolitionist organization) and organizations that fight for the rights of black transgender women in the criminal justice system.

What we believe

We believe that true racial justice in America requires addressing the enormous economic disparity created by centuries of systematic and deliberate dehumanization and disenfranchisement of black people in America. We stand for reparations and massive government investment in black communities. We believe that it is not enough to be satisfied that we are not racist as individuals, we must actively fight racism to repair the scars of slavery and white supremacy in our society. We believe in massive reform and dismantling of our criminal justice system, including defunding and demilitarization of police. We stand for the dismantling of CA Prop 13 and other laws that have created massive educational disparities across race. We know that black people who are also LGBTQIA, or undocumented immigrants, or differently-abled, are further marginalized, dehumanized, and discriminated against both systemically and socially. We stand for the rights and liberation of all BIPOC people, including those who are also LGBTQIA, and especially those who are black and transgender who experience extreme discrimination and violence in society and in our criminal justice system.

Paraíso is a small business founded by a former community organizer and Queer Latina immigrant. As a small business, we commit to calling in and calling out wherever we see racism manifest itself around us, and to the extent possible providing economic support and unrestricted funds to organizations participating in racial justice work, especially those doing intersectional racial justice work. As an individual, and white-passing Latina, I personally commit to continuing the work of educating myself and other latinos and POC who benefit from white privilege on our role in dismantling white supremacy. 

In Berkeley, we call for Mayor Jesse Arreguín and the City Council to defund and demilitarize police and invest massively in BIPOC communities. We stand fiercely against the criminalization of BLM protestors, and in support of their civil and constitutional rights.

In Solidarity,
Paraíso Plant Studio


When the protests started, we raised $500 by auctioning off 3 plants donated from our private collection. This week, we have added more rare plants to auction off. These are plants gathered from some of the best growers around the country. It is one very small way we feel we can raise funds to help people doing incredibly important work. 100% of the profits will be donated.

You will have 12 hours to submit payment if you are the winner of the auction, if you don't submit payment, the next highest bidder will be the winner.